It’s time for New Jersey to put health first

New Jersey’s approach to drug enforcement is failing to keep us safe. It’s time for change. Add your name to our petition to support our community-led campaign.

Add your name to support a new approach to community safety


We have a new vision for New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are more police and correctional officers than counselors and social workers combined.

New Jersey’s police spending outpaces investments in health and human services, and the state’s policing and justice systems disproportionately target Black New Jersey residents.

  • Reallocate resources to invest in housing, education, mental health services, harm reduction, and restorative justice.
  • Create an alternative first response for drug overdose that does not involve law enforcement.
  • Establish community-led accountability measures to ensure that public safety interventions are responsive to community needs and concerns.


We’re launched!

Watch our campaign video below, and read our full press release here.


We are a community-led campaign calling for change

We are reimagining how to keep communities healthy and safe. Many NJ communities already have the infrastructure to address neighborhood crises, but resources are heavily focused on drug enforcement and incarceration. We must invest in communities now.

Read the Report that Started the Campaign

We spent months listening to the community, and our report outlines their concerns and priorities.